Pegina Prepaid Card Exchange

Safely Access Your Favorite Websites Using Prepaid Cards

We strongly believe in your privacy. Pegina is the best way to maintain 100% privacy when joining potentially embarassing websites such as dating, swingers or other adult websites*. You don't need the risk associated with linking your credit card or bank account to a site that could easily be hacked and your identity compromised. Pegina is completely safe and 100% anonymous.

Trading gift cards with is also a convenient way to preserve value from cards that will otherwise expire at the bottom of your purse or the back of your desk drawer.

 There are no hidden fees and the process is very quick.

The process works like this:

  1. Buy a Gift Card or Prepaid Debit card with cash and save the receipt.
  2. Follow the link below.
  3. Complete the simple form and we will contact you immediately to arrange payment and the details of your new membership.

*All websites must be compliant with 18 U.S. Code ยง 2257 to use our service.

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